How To Take Measurements For Your Eco Furs Order

by Heli MG in

All Eco Furs product samples are made in common model size, which is EU36-38/ UK8-10/ US6-8. I make all items plus bespoke designs to-order in different sizes and to fit different body shapes. To be able to make your very own piece perfect match with your great figure with as little amount of fittings as possible - or completely without any - I need you to give me correct measurements.

Measurements for coats, jackets and vest are taken the following way on underwear.

Don't take loose or too tight measurements or add extra couple of centimeters for garment to fit over woolen jumper, etc. All allowances are taken into consideration in pattern making already. Only take exact measurements.

A tip: Ask your friend for help and use mirror to keep measuring tape in level position all the way around different parts of your torso. It might also be a good idea to invest on a new measuring tape, if your tape is old-ish as the tapes can shrink/stretch along the years depending on where they have been stored and how much they have been used.

For coats and jackets I also need your arm length taken from * corner of neck and shoulder to wrist bone plus wished back length of the garment.

For hats take measurement around your head at forehead.