Straightening Up the Tuft

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Video: Heli MG Audio: iMovie/ Buddy

During the summer time storage or simply not having that much space in your hall during the winter months when the clothes stand is packed with other chunky winter wraps the woollen tuft of the Eco Furs pieces included may get untidy. No reason for panic; it only takes a couple of minutes to fix it by following the instructions above.

Steam doesn't only make the woollen tuft easy to shape, it also freshens up the textiles by killing bacteria and removing smells. However, I want to highlight the fact that over-doing the steam or pressing the wool with iron/ steamer can destroy wool's elasticity resulting in non-airy tuft. So only bring the iron/ steamer to 2-3cm distance from the garment at closest. Only steam the tuft side of the garment.

- And keep your hands safe, steam is very hot!   


Despite wool being warm even when damp it's good to let the garment dry through before wearing it especially in the temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Also make sure you don't re-store it damp.

Casual Friday by Maria N.

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Stylist Maria N. got inspired last weekend and put together an edgy (creative) office style with the new woollen Eco Faux Furs slip-on shoes. - Loving the hint of Maria Veitola in it!

We'd love to find out what you think, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page!


For more info on the style collage items please click the images.

How to wash your Eco Faux Fur slippers

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Video: Heli MG Audio: Buddy/ iMovie

So many of you being worried of whether it's safe to wash Eco Faux Fur items or not I made this video to show how easy it actually is to take care of your woollen slippers and other small Eco Faux Furs items at home. 

Oftentimes the woollen items just need to be freshened up and they clean themselves when placed outdoors in the fresh air. However sometimes proper wash is needed and you really don't need to be afraid of it at all. Just carefully follow the recipe above and guaranteed your favourite woollens will never let you down.


Here's what you need:

- 7 - 10 litre basin
- 3 x 5 litres of water
- water thermometer
- 15 millilitres of washing detergent suitable for wool and silk
- absorbent tea towel
- clothes line or clothes horse - you can either hang the slippers to dry on the clothes line or level-dry them on a clothes horse - both outdoors and indoors do the job as long as the environment is dry.
- clothes pegs

The thing to bear in mind when washing wool and especially tufted items is that wool felts if rubbed or twisted or moved in too warm water so avoid those actions and make sure the water temperature is not in any circumstances above 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit). 

If you have any questions regards to the video please drop me a line to Stain removal instruction video for Eco Faux Fur coats and capes is to follow later in winter.