The 6-year-project to end

by Heli MG in ,

Finally the story of the Heli MG Eco Faux Fur piece that has had many makers and taken 6 years to finish is approaching to its end. It started at the Showcase 2013 and ended just after the time of the Showcase 2019 that took place again in the RDS, in Dublin last week.

Since January 2013, In my guidance, many people in many different occasions have learnt the Scandinavian rya rug sewing technique. At the same time they have participated in tufting a little patch of jute material with which I promised to create something cool when it's completed. I also promised that at the end of the project I will give it away to one of the participants picked at random.

I've kept my promise resulting in a multifunctional Eco Faux Fur statement accessory piece for the cooler seasons of the year. To find out what it’s like please see the video above. To find out who's the lucky participant receiving the creation please follow my Instagram after clicking the symbol in the top left hand corner of this page or here.