How to Take Care of Your Eco Faux Furs

by Heli MG in

Heli MG Eco Furs are tufted with soft and fine, 100% lamb's wool yarn that is tightly twisted so it doesn't fray or unravel when cut. It's also finished moth resistant. The base cloth of the products is durable and lightweight 100% jute fabric. The products are lined either with 100% silk which is ideal for warmer climates and indoor use or polyester satin that is more durable and wind resistant. All zips used are durable and being metal, they're Anti-Nickel finished too.

In general the woolen products don't need washing too often, as they're not usually worn straight against the skin. Hanging them outdoors for a good while on a bright day with a little bit of breeze most often does the cleaning job. It freshens up their looks and feeling significantly. Just remember to make sure the garment is free from any traces of snow i.e. is dry before the storage.

Should your Eco Furs item need more thorough cleaning it is to be professionally dry cleaned.  None of the Heli MG products can be soaked through in water. However being lightly stained, it's safe to remove the stains by carefully following 'the wool hand wash instructions' that can be found printed in the swing tag of each garment or below:

*Clean the stained area by squeezing the wool gently between your fingers (do not rub or soak the whole garment in the water) in light mixture of lukewarm water and Pine/Marseille Soap until the stain fades. Rinse the area with cold water, gently press the excess water off with tissue and shake the garment to get it airy again. Dry on a hanger.

When bringing your textile to a Laundrette, please show the staff the care label attached to the left side seam inside your coat/jacket/vest (or neck of smaller items) with the care symbols (below) printed on it and ask them to wash the item with chemicals that don't remove the lanolin from wool and don't shrink the product.

If the tuft of your garment is bent funny ways on delivery/ during storage, straighten it with steam from an iron or  a steamer. Iron setting is '2 points', when warm bring the iron to 2-3 cm distance from tuft and let steam come out. Bring iron away and immediately comb tuft straight with your fingers - in any circumstances don't touch/press the tuft with iron - or your fingers! When finished shake the textile airy and let it dry on a hanger. With iron setting '1 points' only iron lining if needed.

Wool keeps you warm even when damp. However the garments are not recommended to be worn in direct, pouring rain because it may make the tuft felt. Direct sunlight may fade the colors of wool so please store your garment out of direct sunlight.

Products are stored best in the suit bags they come with, in dry and cool (18 degrees) temperature. Always hang the bag in your wardrobe unfolded as the inside of the bag is breathable material and so it lets the product breathe, too. Folded, zip-sealed suit bag is showerproof.