The story of the Swan Cape

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Video footage: Mr. G, edit: Heli MG

The swan cape, one of the Heli MG archive pieces that is available to borrow for your special moments exclusively in the clothing/fashion library Vaatepuu Helsinki branch over this summer, was created in Ireland around the month of June some years back.

It's a limited-edition hand-crafted piece constructed of natural materials; pure, soft lambswool (the tuft), jute (base cloth) and silk (lining) and it took about 120 man-hours to put it together. Since the design was launched in the Showcase Ireland 2013 tradeshow in Dublin it's been admired and worn by many gorgeous Irish and Finnish ladies, such as former Finnish MP Leena Harkimo in the Kauppalehti Optio Gaala 2014 and the news anchor & commentator Aino Huilaja commenting the live broadcast of the British Royal Wedding on the Finnish mtv3 TV-channel today, to mention a couple. It's made-to-order and limited to 1 piece a year.      

In case you're wondering how the video above is connected to the cape: it was inspired by one of my countless trips to Finland and my old home town in the Savo region, during my Irish years. Summer on the way me and husband used to love the drive through the nearly nightless Finnish night, passing by the budding green birch forests and fields and stopping at the lake shore rest areas for swan-watching and a kuksa (cup) of Juhlamokka coffee poured boiling hot from a red Airam flask & pulla (buns). A couple of years ago we redid the same route, had a drone with us and managed to capture the gorgeous Swan couple in the still wilderness lake leisurely making their way to the sunset.

The noble bird being the national bird of Finland and playing a part in my dear memories not forgetting the fact that a swan is a lifetime companion to his partner he deserves to be honoured by a design to bring unique luxury and joy to its carriers for a lifetime.

Photo: Absolute Studios Dublin, Model: Katie B/ Distinct Model Management Dublin

Photo: Absolute Studios Dublin, Model: Katie B/ Distinct Model Management Dublin

Straightening Up the Tuft

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Video: Heli MG Audio: iMovie/ Buddy

During the summer time storage or simply not having that much space in your hall during the winter months when the clothes stand is packed with other chunky winter wraps the woollen tuft of the Eco Furs pieces included may get untidy. No reason for panic; it only takes a couple of minutes to fix it by following the instructions above.

Steam doesn't only make the woollen tuft easy to shape, it also freshens up the textiles by killing bacteria and removing smells. However, I want to highlight the fact that over-doing the steam or pressing the wool with iron/ steamer can destroy wool's elasticity resulting in non-airy tuft. So only bring the iron/ steamer to 2-3cm distance from the garment at closest. Only steam the tuft side of the garment.

- And keep your hands safe, steam is very hot!   


Despite wool being warm even when damp it's good to let the garment dry through before wearing it especially in the temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Also make sure you don't re-store it damp.


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Video: Heli MG Audio: Buddy/ iMovie

The outside temperature is -10 degrees or below and the freshly fallen snow is clean and powdery. This is the time for snow-washing the woollen textiles - including the Eco Faux Furs coats and capes. 

The rain water stated being quite acidic today the wool suppliers don't really recommend the snow wash for the fine woollens any more. However I think it's still okay to do it especially in the remote Nordic locations with never-ending forests where a plenty of beard moss is growing on the spruce trees. That is said to be a sign of the well-being and clean environment. No matter if it's fact or fiction after the annual treatments in the clean Nordic countryside snow my test pieces look and smell like new and their colours are more vibrant.

A very important thing to remember after the snow soak is that the garment must be dried properly. To remove all of the snow from under the tuft shake it vigorously. Then place it on a strong coat hanger and hang outdoors to let the sun and the dry breeze start the drying process. To finish bring the garment indoors and keep in a warm and airy space overnight.
- Then enjoy the long-lasting clean and fresh feeling!