Heli MG

is a Finnish luxury fashion brand founded in Ireland in 2008. It represents hand-tufted coats & accessories, woollen couture faux furs for ladies who opt for one-off and functional day-to-day fashion.

The collections are inspired by the busy ladies in a need of an individual style and clever everyday wardrobe. Their designer-maker Heli Miikkulainen-Gilbert hailing from Finland they are also inspired by the Scandinavian Rya Rug textiles. According to the history books, the Viking soldiers used to wrap flat Ryas around themselves on their sea journeys instead of animal skins as the airy woollen rug was lightweight and kept them warm even when a swollen sea soaked them through with salty water. Over the past 20 years Heli has created different, better fitting variations of this Viking uniform which have been tested now for 18 years by herself, family and friends in different winter climates from Europe to USA. It has helped her to develop the quality of the products into perfection, today’s result being a compact collection of convertible coats and multi-functional accessories for the Viking warriors of the 21st century.

The very first Eco Faux Furs coat & boots were introduced to public in 2000 in Iceland at the Elsku Helsinki and Ur og I Fashion Exhibitions where they were warmly received by the international visitors and media. Throughout the years more pieces have been seen in the galleries and other exhibition venues in Finland, Norway, UK, Republic of Ireland, Japan and at latest in Italy.

All products are handmade in Finland. They are tufted by using traditional Scandinavian Rya Rug sewing technique with soft 100% lamb’s wool that is specially spun so the threads won’t fray or unravel at the cut. The end result is similar to the tufted textiles made on the loom however lighter, and the sewing technique also allows one to create tufted products of different shapes and dimensions – they are like furs in terms of their performance. The difference is in detail, functionality and environment & animal friendliness.

The collections consist of classic, timeless fashion & accessories pieces that all are available made-to-order. New designs are added from time to time and Heli is also happy to create bespoke pieces for important individual occasions, not forgetting the corporate needs.